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3D everywhere

Dramatically reduce the battery consumption of mobile phones in the case of 3D animated applications and thus increase the usage time of the device. Reduce the operation costs. Green Technology.
Experience spectacular 3D animated displays and opportunities!
3D animated human skin, display of animated liquids, hair, grass and much more. All of this in a standard-PDF with a free of cost Acrobat Reader or on smartphones / tablets.

Especially for Finite Elements / Simulations We have developed a process, which enables finite elements like liquids, wind simulations (for wind tunnels) and so on interactively and in a spatial display, even on a smartphone or tablet and in real time (a so-called previewer with extraordinary functions). This saves not only energy costs, but always allows the user to be flexible at all places on earth, since he can now carry his his “workstation” in the pocket…

  • Fact: At the end of 2013, there would be about 1 billion active mobile devices (tablets / smartphones) worldwide!
  • Fact: Billions of devices, that no longer perform adequately, lie in the drawers of owners and companies.
  • Fact: Billions of computers with weaker systems such as ConnectedTV, ConnectedTV, Setup (set top) boxes für TV und embedded computers etc can be augmented with our technology and can be made to perform with fully new applications Cost saving for the manufacturer, since in most cases only a software update is needed, but no new hardware.On most devices, the applications start even without further installations.
  • Fact: There is a strong growth market for Augmented Reality and GoogleGlasses (see link below) and these require lot of power for GPS, display in 3D areas, etc - Our processes increase the battery life for mobile and battery operated devices sometimes remarkably.
  • We save energy - 50 % and more.
  • Firewall - friendly.
  • Platform – independent (e.g. for Windows, Macintosh and Linux).
This means that:
ISO format PDF or optionally, even Web3D (HTML5) is suitable for limitless exchange:

Systems that are energy-efficient and are able to function even on older hardware are required precisely in worldwide commerce and in the exchange of specialist knowledge (e.g. in production or assembly or in countries in which foreign languages are used), so that the standard of information search functions also in countries that do not have high technology available in abundance.

Display is possible even behind very restrictive firewalls (e.g. for corporate clients).
Platform – independent (e. g. operating systems like Windows, Macintosh and Linux).

Better known than the pope

Wachstumsmarkt Smartphones:
Growth Market smartphones: 2013

Augmented Reality wächst stark:
Augmented Reality grows rapidly: turnover

Old Hardware:
How one can convert old mobile phones into memory

Short Facts:

  • Approximately 1 billion up to date mobiles (tablets / smartphones) worldwide (estimate for 2013)
  • Augmented Reality (GoogleGlasses and Co.) is growing rapidly – and requires a lot of energy, which we reduce with our processes.
  • Billions of devices (smartphones, computers, ConnectedTVs, Setup (set top) boxes, embedded computers etc.) are no longer suitable to meet the demands of today.
  • Transfer / conversion of 3D animations from CAD / automotive / science & games applications for example.
  • Securing company secrets (e.g. by display of physically correct 3D animated displays in which the codes for generation have however been removed).
  • Implementation of web applications
  • GoogleGlasses
  • Oculus Rift applications and games
  • 3D PDF
  • Apps
  • iADs
  • Facebook
  • eLearning
  • Games
  • ConnectedTV
  • Augmented reality
  • And many more applications

Areas of application among others are:

Industrie 4.0
Automobile industry
In Apps (iOS/Android/Facebook...)
Augmented Reality applications
and many more areas in which 3D animated displays are used.


3D animated human skin, display of animated liquids, hair, and grass in wind and much more - many years of intensive development were required to achieve these.. It has to do with several functionalities and processes, also known as claims, these are not to be confused with a technical or so-called “software patent”.

After exhaustive examination by the so-called PCT process and the European Patent Office, we have decided to protect the patent specifications not only throughout Europe, but also in many other countries.

Thus we have confidence today on account of the patent applications among others in the European Union and countries that have applied for EU membership (33 countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey etc.) and also for instance in Russia, China and in the USA, and can offer many advantages to our partners for their investments.

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