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Talking about future technologies, keywords are Virtual and Augmented Reality, holograms, Web3D and Web 3.0. The creation of new worlds or the augmentation of the existing one will have sustainable effects on nearly any part of human life. Applications will be realized in communication & navigation, eLearning & marketing, games & social media, arts & culture, science & Industry 4.0.

But there are still some severe quality deficits using them. The high requirements for software and hardware are not met by the existing mobile devices. The consequences are an overload of processors and batteries, less resolution, jerking, motion sickness, abortion and crashes of applications et al.

The development of participating technologies is extremely time consuming and resource intensive. But the first companies meeting these high requirements for quality and efficiency will reach an excellent strategic position for further growth. The is just the need for

The Step Ahead.

Progressive3d has developed procedures which reduces the deficits mentioned above and even resolve them. These patented procedures suit especially for the extensive representation of 3D-animated flexible surfaces, like water, gas, skin, cloth, grass in the wind and more extremely challenging animations.

Bild Vergleich Especially the reduced load of processors and batteries in mobile devices is an attractive effect of the procedures, but also the possible higher resolution of the applications for the end user. In addition the procedures increase the graphics performance many times over. Latest and significant more detailed 3D-simulations will be presented only using our procedures.

There are many more astonishing and positive effects. Progressive3D disposes over numerous application examples for your company – please get in touch (LINK) and together we will take

The Step Ahead.

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