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Progressive3D-Team - Copyright by Das Erste (Germany`s first TV-Channel) augmented reality solution "Tatort - greenscreen without a greenscreen", made by Progressive3D/SchreiberFriends.com

Managing director and founder Sven Schreiber has been programming and preparing 3D – displays and animations for over 23 years.
At the time of the foundation of the first company of Mr Schreiber in 1995, this company offered the most modern 3D processes of the time, which he and his team deployed in a variety of projects.

Key aspects of the work of the Progressive3D GmbH are the development of its own software packets, the further development of our processes as well as the support of our licence partners in the area of software development, communication and patent protection (defence of the processes and technologies).

Our unique highlights are, among others, the conversion of highly complex 3D animated simulations in our “3D-Codec” for displaying 3D representations that may be simple or highly complex - independent of platform, highly available, saving on storage space and costs..

Thanks to our processes, we enable the significantly more efficient and energy-saving display of 3D animated Content on smart phones and tablets for instance that hence have a longer life span in the areas of E – learning, entertainment, advertising, presentations and automotive engineering.

Likewise, we are unique internationally in the PDF area with the solution that is able to display 3D-animated simulations such as water, human skin, wind tunnels etc inside a standard PDF file (that is readable with all free Acrobat Readers from Version 7.x onwards).

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