3D-Integration New Possibilities for New Perspective and Products

"Our technology displays 3D content interactively in PDF or HTML formats – without loss of performance"

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We are service providers who take up your 3D data and simulations and integrate them into your solutions – be they integration of websites, apps, 3D-PDFs, Flash3D, Facebook, advertising (Banner, iAds...), Augmented Reality, Google Earth, eLearning applications, banner advertising and so on.
You don’t already have a software solution for augmented reality, advertising or another software for 3D developments?

Surprise your customers old and new!
Expand your target audience!
Develop your ideas with us!
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Did you know?
The company firewall: Every year, several thousand or even millions of Euro are spent on advertising and business development materials – a large part of these materials do not reach the clients. The reason: restrictive firewalls.
Such firewalls block video streams, Codecs, Flash applications or even pictures. Hence we use a format, that’s used almost exclusively by all companies, since it’s the ISO standard:
The PDF.
It’s installed and used practically everywhere. Better known than even the Pope ;-)!

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